Dental Eligibility & Verification Process

Medgeene is the Leading Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Company
Medgeene has the experience to simplify and centralize back office operations. Every day, thousands of dentists rely on us to perform their essential revenue cycle processes consistently and in a timely manner like dental insurance eligibility verification. We enhance revenue, increase cash flow, and decrease operating costs.
Recent reforms have changed the complexion of the healthcare industry. Dental group practices are pressurized to maintain a healthy cash flow and improve patient engagement amidst declining reimbursement. Managing the revenue cycle of group practices is expensive, variable, fragmented and complex. But it needn't be that way anymore.
Effective and proven revenue cycle management strategies will help you increase net revenue and tighten your revenue cycle. Learn how our revenue management strategies for Dental group practices will help you increase bottom-line benefits and how analytics complement our revenue capture capabilities.
Efficient revenue cycle management for dental practices require a strong understanding of the complexity of generating and collecting revenue. From CDT coding to effective design of UCR (Usual, Customary, and Reasonable) fee schedule to optimize revenue and reduce denials, we understand the business of dental offices.
As you strive to navigate through the challenges of ensuring effective reimbursements, optimizing upfront patient payments, and bringing overall efficiency in the revenue cycle process, consider leveraging Medgeene.
Dental Insurance Eligibility and Benefits
Expert Staff Saves Time and Improves Revenue
Eliminate time-consuming, outbound dental insurance eligibility verification calls while streamlining your revenue cycle. Using your insurance breakdown forms
We will work with your existing practice management system. You can take advantage of outsource deligibility and benefits verification with Medgeene whether you're using a mainstream, cloud-based, niche, or proprietary PM.

Each patient should have an insurance file with all the relevant details entered into it. All insurance information should be obtained during the initial phone call or before the point of service. Returning patients should be asked if their insurance has changed, and if it has, new coverage and benefits should be verified.

We call the insurance company to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on patient benefits.

Prominent Verification process services

Dental insurance verification.
We process dental care they needed because of cost, fear, inconvenient locations or appointment times, and trouble finding a dentist who accepts their insurance.
insurance eligibility verification
We Verify coverage and benefits is not only important for the practice but for patients as well. These patients rely on their insurance to help pay for their treatment.