AR Calling

Medgeene specializes in AR calling, we do scalable pay to relieve you from the huge pile of AR bindings
We ensure that the AR calling process is conducted by a team of knowledgeable AR professionals who have extensive experience.

When you decide to outsource AR Calling services to us, we can generate monthly/quarterly/annual financial report for AR, payments, etc. It will assist you in segregating the collectibles from the non-collectibles, etc.

our AR callers will contact the insurance company and follow-up with them until payment is done. We also perform prior authorization and check the CPT code to see if the medical procedure is available for the patient or not.

Our AR calling services are based on a flexible pricing model that allows you to customize your quote based on work units, number of employees, project size, scope, and location.

Our AR Calling Services

Skilled Team
We have more than 30 experts working in various sorts of healthcare support operations. Thus, with their expertise, they can ensure a stable cash influx helping you revive and streamline the financial well-being of your hospital.
Ease of Scalability
We have the apt volume of capable resources to scale up or down the AR calling services anytime you want. You can rest assured that your business needs will be taken care of.
We provide a dedicated quality control team to audit and validate the AR calling operation, which enables us to exceed 98% accuracy for all kinds of healthcare support services.
By choosing us as your AR calling services partner, you can save yourself from the monotony of AR calling. This will give you more time to focus on your core skills and better serve patients.